Environmental assessment

Environmental Assessment is an important part in the determining whether contamination exists at your site and whether this is an issue that requires specific management actions, such as remediation.
Melbourne Environmental provide environmental assessments throughout Victoria and Australia wide. Our contaminated land specialists and environmental consultant professionals provide high quality and cost effective environmental site assessment services.
Environmental assessments comprise Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI), Targeted Soil Sampling. Site inspections, Detailed Soil Assessment programs, Groundwater assessments, Stockpile Sampling, Waste Sampling, Water Sampling, Sediment Sampling on their on or in combination.
PSI - Preliminary Site Investigation. A PSI is mainly completed as a desktop exercise including a site inspection where we review all available information on the site to determine the history of the site, previous site uses and assess the potential for contamination to be present at the site. PSIs are particularly useful where a due diligence program is being undertaken to either sell or purchase a site.
Targeted Soil Sampling is a useful add on to the PSI to target soil quality at areas where contamination is suspected to confirm the extent and degree of contamination.
DSI - Detailed Site Investigation. A DSI is a follow on the the PSI. DSIs can be very detailed in the scope in order to assess those areas of the PSI where contamination is suspected and to then expand the assessment to provide a detailed understanding of the sites condition. The scope of the DSI can include soil sampling, groundwater assessment, soil vapour assessment, water quality assessment. For more complex sites DSIs can be undertaken in multiple phases of works. DSIs are always required where the site needs an Environmental Audit to be completed. 
Groundwater Assessments or Hydrogeological Assessments are undertaken to understand basic groundwater information including depth to water and potential uses of groundwater. 
Stockpile Sampling is required where soils that may be contaminated require classification for offsite disposal.
Melbourne Environmental also specialise in the management and remediation of contaminated environments. Such works include Soil remediation, Site Cleanup, groundwater cleanup, groundwater remediation. We are experienced in the clean up of all contaminants, including asbestos, chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum hydrocarbons, nitrates, PFOS, PFAS and metals.

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