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We specialise in the assessment and management of contamination of land. 
You may own a site where contamination is suspected.
You may be looking at purchasing a site where contamination could be present.
You may have the regulator requesting you do work to understand contamination, or worse you may have a notice requiring work.
You may have commenced work on a site and have identified contamination issues and are stuck on how to address the issue.
We pride ourselves on being able to provide the most practical advice in order to best address your issues to allow you to quickly focus back on your business.

Our Services include Site Assessment, Soil Sampling, Groundwater Assessment, Soil Vapour Assessment, Landfill, Waste Management, Due Diligence, Soil Remediation, Soil Classification, Preliminary Site Investigation, Detailed Site Investigation, Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Assessment
Environmental Assessments are a complex technical document designed to describe the environmental condition of a site
soil classification
Soil disposal offsite requires a soil classification assessment suitable to obtain landfill approval
groundwater assessment
Groundwater is an important driver in the assessment and management of contaminated land
land aquisition advice
When selling or purchasing land it is important to understand potential environmental liabilities. Give purchasers confidence in the site condition and provide yourself peace of mind

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